Parking Brake Bypass Video in Motion Interface Module

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  • DVD Video Bypass for Pioneer AVH-100DVD 170DVD 190DVD 200BT 200EX 210EX 201EX 211EX 270BT 280BT 290BT 291BT 295BT 500EX 501EX 600EX 601EX 1300NEX 1330NEX 1440NEX 2300NEX 2330NEX 2440NEX 3300NEX 3800BHS 4000NEX 4100NEX 4200NEX 4201NEX X180DVD X390BS X391BHS X490BS X491BHS X1500DVD X1600DVD X1700S X1800S X2500BT X2600BT X2700BS X2800BS X3500BHS X3600BHS X3700BHS X4500BT X4600BT X4700BS X4800BS X5500BHS X5600BHS X5700BHS X5800BHS X6500DVD X6700DVD X6800DVD X7500BT X7700BT X7800BT X8500BHS X8800BT
  • Parking Brake Video Bypass for Pioneer AVH-P8400BH X8850BT W4400NEX, AVIC-U220 U250 U260 U280, SPH-DA100 DA110 DA210 DA120 (AppRadio 2 3 4), MVH-AV290BT 200EX 300EX 1400NEX 2300NEX 2400NEX.
  • Easy Installation. No Programming required. 3 Wires to connect and all done at the back of the unit
  • Package Includes: Bypass Interface × 1, Directions × 1, Worry-free 24 months warranty.
  • Note: Not works with Pioneer AVIC Navigation Models, or First Generation AppRadio (SPH-DA01 or SPH-DA02). This product is meant for off-road, retail display, and show-use only.