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      about apps2car

      Meet APPS2Car

      If you buy a new car, one more accessory you'll need to buy is a sturdy cell phone holder.

      With a mobile phone holder car mount, you can take advantage of all the convenient features of your mobile phone - such as GPS navigation, weather monitoring, music and traffic alerts - without taking your hands off the steering wheel. How to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing product attracted our interest, and we have been involved in the production of car accessories since 2010. We have researched various product materials, product structures, and exterior designs, and after rigorous testing under daily or extreme use scenarios. We have created a product that meets the needs of the vast majority of users in the market. By 2021, APPS2Car has more than 40 million users around the world.

      We remain passionate about caring for our users and our products, and we will continue to improve the experience of using our products and explore new concepts.

      Our catalog now includes car tuning audio products, car mounts, car wireless chargers, desktop phone and computer mounts (smart home).