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      Exclusive Discounts Available

      Exclusive Discounts Available

      There are some special discounts for our fans.

      Our first-time registered users will enjoy a 15% discount on their first order. Go to the related page and apply for the special discount!

      Firstly, you will enter the discount page. If you want the discount, then click “I want 15% off” and you will be led to a page which you may subscribe to our news and register as our VIP club members. If you click “ I don’t want 15% off” and this page will be automatically closed.

      After you finish the subscription and registration, you will be led to a new page which gives you an exclusive discount code.

      Now you can just go shopping with this 15% off discount code. Special Notes:The code is valid for only once and it cannot be combined with other discounts.

      Let's bond! Affiliates & Influencers

      Let's bond! Affiliates & Influencers

      Here is the APPS2Car Influencers Program
      Recommend APP2Car products and you will Get rewarded!
      Join the APP2Car Influencer Program with a qualifying YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.
      1. First Step - Create your storefront
      Get your own page on APPS2Car—with a custom URL—and use it to recommend thousands of products.
      2. Second Step - Share products
      Use your custom URL to easily guide your followers to your product recommendations, all in one shoppable spot.
      3. Third Step - Get rewarded
      When customers shop through your storefront, you earn money on qualifying purchases.
      Now get started! See if you qualify. Choose one social media account in which you'll have the largest influence on your followers.

      Testing and getting it for Free!

      Testing and getting it for Free!

      Here is the APPS2C Products Testing Program

      Everyone loves testing. Now, this is the first time that we invite our readers and users to participate in our testing program!

      We’re asking you to test all of our products, including all of our Car Phone Holder Accessories and Car Audio Adapters.

      Dear readers and users, we’re giving you all of our products for free! Repeat, every single product you will get is for free! This is real. All we need in return is your reviews! Complete the application to get signed up, and remember to share your thorough, creative testing plan with us.

      To increase your chances of a successful application, you’ll want to pay special attention to:

      • What kind of product you want to test
      • Which features you want to test
      • What kind of content you’ll produce (a video, a written review, etc.) and where it will be posted
      • Creative ideas that make your plan stand out from the crowd

      There are a lot of things you could do, from making a reaction video to hauls, pranks, detailed testing, and more. Using your imagination!

      We look forward to seeing your applications, fans. Apply to us right now!



      1. Complete the application to enter this User Program. You will be asked to submit a test plan as part of the survey, but feel free to also share your test plan in the comments below. Copying others’ testing plans will result in immediate disqualification and you will be unable to take part in future User Program.
      2. This event runs for the whole year of 2019, from now to December 31th, 2019. You can apply at any time during this period.
      3. We will choose 30 testers each month. The chosen testers will be announced on the community on 15th of each month.
      4. Every user can only apply for just one product. Applying for more than one products will be viewed as a valid application.
      5. This Users Program only open to residents of the US.
      6. Review Requirements: Once you have received your product, you need to post a link to your review on the community under the review category within two weeks. If you haven’t provided a link after two weeks you will be unable to take part in future UsersPrograms.
      7. Where to share your review: You are not required to post your review to a specific website, but you could share your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.), YouTube, Anker Community, forums, blogs, deal websites, or other online spaces.