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      A Car phone holder is an incredibly useful bit of kit, allowing you to use your phone as a navigation system, and hands-free communication device. They allow you to secure your smartphone to the dashboard or windshield of your car, keeping it in place whilst you travel. Not only do these keep your device safe, it could also prevent you from breaking the law. 16 US states, including D.C and Puerto Rico, have now banned the hand-held use of cell phones.


      Below we list the top phone mounts available on the market right now, so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

      At APPS2Car, our goal is to make driving easier for you.

      With a car phone mount, you can take advantage of all your phone’s handy features — like GPS navigation, weather monitoring, music, and traffic alerts — without taking your hands off the wheel. A car phone mount can keep you safer when you’re on the road. Finding the right car phone mount is key. You want an option that holds your phone securely and allows you to see the screen without making driving hazardous. With so many options available, how do you find the best car phone mount for your vehicle?

      Types of car phone mounts

      Dashboard mount

      Dashboard mount

      A dashboard car phone mount usually has a suction cup that attaches the mount to your car’s dashboard. Some dashboard styles use adhesive rubber to secure the mount to the dashboard instead. Dashboard mounts aren’t the most secure option, and they can affect your visibility behind the wheel.

      Long arm windshield mount

      Windshield mount

      Like a dashboard style, a windshield mount, or glass mount, uses a suction cup to attach the car phone mount to your windshield. It’s very important to choose a windshield mount with a strong suction cup to ensure the phone doesn’t fall. The problem with windshield mounts is that they can block your view of the road. In fact, they’re illegal in some states because of visibility concerns.

      Air Vent Mount

      Vent mount

      A vent mount attaches to your car’s air vents with a vice, clip, or magnet. This is typically the most secure type of car phone mount, and it is very easy to install. With the car phone mount in place, you have limited use of the vent it’s attached to. However, your view of the road isn’t affected.

      CD slot mount

      A CD slot mount fits into a car’s CD player using a magnet. Because you can use your phone to play music, you won’t be sacrificing your sound system. It’s important to ensure that a CD slot mount fits your specific CD player. This type of car phone mount is fairly secure and usually doesn’t affect road visibility.