Pro Suction Cup Phone Holder with MaxGrip Cradle

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APPS2Car® MAXGrip cradle expands and contracts to provide a perfect fit for any smartphone devices ranging from 3.5” to 8.5”.  Made of high-strength composite with rubberized grip makes sure your device well attached by dampening shock and vibration. MAXGrip also focuses on the ergonomic design in making it safer for drivers to access their devices without interrupting their driving. APPS2Car® also offers the most comprehensive range of mounting base to pair with your MAXGrip cradle, and to ensure your experience is fully customized and user-friendly for each individual APPS2CAr® product owners. Explore the key features of APPS2Car® MAXGrip cradle below:


✅ [MAXGrip V –  The Sturdiest Car Phone Cradle]

Designed by the world leading car phone cradle manufacturer, MAXGrip mechanical solution offers safety lock to provide sturdiness to hold on to your phone no matter how rough the road gets.

✅ [Push & Press Expand & Contracts Mechanism]

Push & Press function design, makes installation and removal of your device much more comfortable by using with only one hand. No fuss, going on and off instantly. While keeping the ‘MAXGrip’ effort!

✅ [Fully Compatible with APPS2Car® Mounting Base system]

By default, the MAXGrip Series cradles come with a basic air vent mounting base. But who would miss out the APPS2Car® mounting base system? The system covers up to every mounting scenario that you need for your driving habits. All of MAXGrip cradle is compatible with the entire mounting base system: A2C Air Vent, CD Slot, Suction Cup, and Grip Cup.